2018 State Hazard Mitigation Plan Receives Approvable Pending Adoption (APA) Status

The 2018 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania State Hazard Mitigation Plan Update has earned Approvable Pending Adoption (APA) status from FEMA Region III. Please find the approved plan here. Individual chapters and appendices can be downloaded through the links below. If you have any questions, please contact Ernie Szabo at erszabo@pa.gov or Sarah Bowen at sbowen@mbakerintl.com.

Chapter 1-TOC and Introduction
Chapter 2-State Profile
Chapter 3-Planning Process
Chapter 4-Risk Assessment (Natural Hazards)
Chapter 4-Risk Assessment (Human-made Hazards)
Chapter 5-Capability Assessment
Chapter 6-Mitigation Strategy
Chapter 7 and 8 Plan Maintenance and Adoption
Appendix A Bibliography
Appendix B Plan Review Tool
Appendix D Data Sources List
Appendix E Critical Facilities
Appendix G Hazus Results Reports
Appendix I Mitigation Action Prioritization
Appendix J Mitigation Projects
Appendix K NFIP Municipal Coverage
Appendix L Consequence Analysis
Appendix M Summary of Hazards Profiled in County Plans


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