New Hazards

New hazards will be added to the 2018 Update to the Pennsylvania State Hazard Mitigation Plan. These hazards were recommended for addition in meetings held for the annual reviews of the plan and in meetings focused on updating the 2018 HMP.  The new hazards include Building or Structure Collapse with a focus on infrastructure, Cyber-terrorism, and Opioid Addiction Response.  Additionally, Environmental Hazards were previously covered in one profile.  For the 2018 HMP Update, they will be broken out into separate profiles as follows:

  • Environmental Hazard – Coal Mining
  • Environmental Hazard – Conventional Oil and Gas Wells
  • Environmental Hazard – Hazardous Material Releases
  • Environmental Hazard – Unconventional Wells
  • Environmental Hazard – Gas and Liquid Pipeline
  • Environmental Hazards – Other

Environmental Hazard- Gas and Liquid Pipeline is a new topic for the State Hazard Mitigation Plan, while the other environmental hazards have been addressed in previous versions of the plan. We are excited to have the plan reflect the most current hazards impacting the Commonwealth.  The hazard profiles will also reflect the impact of Climate Change as appropriate in the Future Conditions sub-section of each hazard profile.  We welcome ideas to improve the risk assessment for existing and new hazard profiles and encourage you to contact Race Hodges at with data and ideas. You may also submit your ideas in the comment box below. Thanks for you input!