Design and Construction of a Flood Control System for Autoneum North America, Inc. and the Windsor Woods facility, Columbia County

Other Columbia County Projects: Bloomsburg Airport Elevation; Flood Risk Management project for Kawneer Company, Inc.

Category: Flood Risk Management

Point of Contact: Chris Young, Chairman, Columbia County Commissioners Project Description (project details, duration, etc.): On October 21, 2014, the Columbia County Commissioners anticipate advertising for bids for the construction of a 5,650 foot long flood control system to protect Autoneum North America, Inc. and the Windsor Foods facility. This project serves to protect approximately eight hundred fifty (850) family-sustaining jobs at a long-standing carpet manufacturing facility in the Town of Bloomsburg. The project is a combination of H-pile walls, MSE levees, and earthen levees, including nine (9) closure structures, most of which propose to use Flood-Break, an innovative self-actuating system. Additionally, the project includes three (3) sanitary pump stations, a large storm water pump station at Snyder’s Run, and the relocation of two (2) railroad switches. Because of the location of the project, in the very early developed portion of the Town of Bloomsburg, utility conflicts represented a significant challenge. It is anticipated that construction contracts will be awarded February 2015, with a 15 to 20-month construction period for completion late 2016. Issues Encountered: Utility conflicts included PPL Electric, United Water, Bloomsburg Municipal Authority public sanitary sewer, storm water, high pressure United Gas line, Verizon Optical, and Verizon Voice. Real estate coordination, due to the large number of property impacts, and permitting were also challenging. At the onset of the project, the Columbia County Commissioners assembled a team which included the private industries; the engineer, Borton-Lawson Engineering; legal counsel; and SEDA-COG. With monthly team meetings, the team was able to design the project within the approximately 12-month period allowed by the funding agencies. Funding (cost, funding stream(s), etc.): The project is funded with a fifteen million dollar ($15,000,000) U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration grant, the largest ever awarded from the Philadelphia Region; eleven million, eight hundred fifty thousand, two hundred seventy dollars ($11,850,270) from the Commonwealth Financing Authority, through the H2O PA Program; and two million dollars ($2,000,000) of private funds from Autoneum North America, Inc. The estimated cost of construction is twenty-one million, three hundred five thousand dollars ($21,305,000).

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