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    Ernest Szabo

    This question came in from a county planner:

    " I am relaying a couple of questions from my two counties. The latest PEMA Hazard Mitigation plan has separated cyber as a discrete hazard as opposed to keeping it in terrorism; also Opioids have been added as a Hazard. What are the reasons for this and what are the implications? (funding?) Why opioids and not just drug addiction? Or gun violence? Or drunk driving? Please let me know, thanks, xxxxx"

    This is a great question.

    We did discuss the cyber issue at the 2015 annual review where it was added. We thought is was important to distinguish between Cyber terrorism vs just loss of internet because the mitigation actions are so different.

    We discussed opioids at length during our physical and virtual meetings. We chose to add it because Opioid overdoses killed 16,000 people last year, responding to them is overtaxing first responders.

    Do you disagree? What about the other issues raised? Does opioid overdose stand out as requiring different mitigation methods vs more common addictions or types of death?

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