Why are we including Opioid addiction / overdose as a hazard?


This question came in on a separate email:

“Opioids have been added as a Hazard. What are the reasons for this and what are the implications? (funding?) Why opioids and not just drug addiction? Or gun violence? Or drunk driving?”

What do you think? Is the opioid crisis just a health or law enforcement issue? What are the losses in lives, property and community damage that we suffer from opioids and how does that compare to other hazards such as flooding or transportation accidents?

Do we need unique solutions to address the opioid epidemic?

How is the opioid epidemic having second order effects and hazards?

How is the opioid epidemic being aggravated by other health, social and economic issues?

Tell us what you think and refer us to interesting data and perspectives you have found.


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