Planning Process

A well-defined planning process is vital to the success of a hazard mitigation plan. To begin the update process, the Hazard Mitigation Planning Team (HMPT) engages a variety of stakeholders and solicits input from the public. Moreover, it is important that the processes used to review and update the plan be documented in detail. The HMPT must review and analyze each section of the plan and include documentation of that review. Documentation must also be provided to verify public and stakeholder participation throughout the entire process. The following steps show key ways to elicit participation from a broad range of stakeholders through a systematic process:

  • Step 1: Build the planning team
  • Step 2: Engage the public and other stakeholders
  • Step 3: Sustain outreach activities throughout the planning process
  • Step 4: Document the approach to updating each section of the plan

Please visit the project calendar and the announcements page for information about opportunities to get involved in the planning process for the 2018 State HMP Update.

The 2018 Planning Process Chapter can be viewed below or by clicking here.

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