Risk Assessment

For local HMP Updates, every Pennsylvania County must first identify and prioritize natural and human-made hazards and risks in order to identify the appropriate mitigation actions for reducing losses. This includes reviewing detailed descriptions of all existing hazards and determining if new hazards could affect the community, along with an analysis of the county’s vulnerability to those hazards. Local risk assessments do not need to be based on the most sophisticated technology, but they do need to be accurate, current, and relevant. Each participating jurisdiction should complete the Hazard Identification and Risk Evaluation Worksheet when beginning the risk assessment update. This ensures that each jurisdiction’s unique risk is captured in the HMP.

The statewide risk assessment in the State HMP Update will identify and prioritize natural and human-made hazards for the entire Commonwealth. Coupled with the mitigation strategy, the risk assessment will be considered in Pennsylvania’s evaluation of its statewide resources and will help to establish statewide goals. The risk assessment includes documentation of past presidential disaster declarations and an assessment of natural and human-made hazards that affect the community. Hazards profile in both the 2013 and 2018 HMP Updates include:


Natural Hazards

Coastal Erosion
Extreme Temperature
Flood, Flash Flood, Ice Jam
Hail Storm
Hurricane, Tropical Storm, Nor'easter
Invasive Species

Lightning Strike
Radon Exposure
Subsidence, Sinkhole
Tornado, Wind Storm
Winter Storm

Human-Made Hazards

Building and Structure Collapse New 2018 Hazard
Civil Disturbance
Cyber-terrorism New 2018 Hazard
Dam Failure - Profile available by request
Environmental Hazards Will be divided into multiple profiles for 2018
        Environmental Hazard - Coal Mining
Environmental Hazard - Conventional Oil and Gas Wells
Environmental Hazard - Hazardous Materials Releases
Environmental Hazard - Unconventional Wells
Environmental Hazard - Gas and Liquid Pipeline
Environmental Hazard - Other

Levee Failure
Mass Food/Animal Feed Contamination
Nuclear Incident
Opioid Addiction Response New 2018 Hazard
Transportation Accident
Urban Fire and Explosion
Utility Interruption


To learn more about each of these hazards, please visit the hazard profile webpages here.

Additionally, the 2018 Risk Assessment Chapter can be viewed below or downloaded through the following links:

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