State Profile

A community profile is a summary of the basic geographical, demographic, and environmental features of a county and the jurisdictions within it. For the 2018 State HMP Update, this section is a summary of this information for the entire Commonwealth. A state or community profile is important for understanding the hazards as well as the response capabilities of a community in an enlarged context.  By including information about these characteristics in a HMP Update, all stakeholders involved in hazard mitigation can approach the more specialized aspects of mitigation.  Maps are common and useful tools to show features of a community; however, maps that should be as focused or local as data allows.  This section also cites any data sources used during the HMP Update and describe any data limitations encountered in preparation of the hazard mitigation plan update. According to the Pennsylvania HMP Standard Operating Guide, a community profile should include the following components:

  • Description of geography and the environment, including topography, water features, and watersheds.
  • Description of the community, including relevant facts about its history, major industries, landmarks, or other information and places of interest.
  • Summary of demographics, including population, population density, racial composition, age, income, and housing.
  • Description of growth trends and land use, including the growth rate, existing and project land uses, and the extent of developed areas
  • Description of data sources and limitations, including GIS data, Census data, critical facilities data, and other data sources used to update the HMP

The 2018 State Profile can be viewed below or downloaded by clicking here.

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